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Launching a product

Product launches are never straightforward and easy for companies. First and foremost, these companies have to contend with a variety of stumbling blocks: competition, technological obstacles, country-specific legislation, etc… As such, a launch requires time and method for data to be analysed and an efficient, sustainable strategy implemented.

To get past these stumbling blocks, companies need to focus on popularizing the product. But how? Well-organized selling and marketing strategies can help businesses to grow. To ensure the business bears fruit, leaders need to implement a variety of marketing techniques. You also need to be supported by experienced, seasoned intermediaries. They can help you and will guide you through the steps for establishing your strategy and will ensure risks are reduced and objective reach is promptly within sight.

Here below is a list of initial points to specify when engineering a project. Once this has been done, you will then need, of course, to work on specific product launch topics in detail using strategic marketing tools (Porter, SWOT, new version of the 4 Ps).

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Market study

Managing to sell a new product requires a huge amount of work. The company needs to carry out market studies. This can help promote the product. To do this, the company needs to analyse new trends, competition and customers’ needs. This study is designed to help you market your product more effectively throughout France

Product price

Before placing your product on the market, you must ensure that your product pricing strategies are ready and sure-fire. Once you have carried out your market study and undertaken an in-depth analysis, you will be able to establish a fair price for your product. The price needs to be meaningful for both purchaser and seller. Companies need to do their best to set the breakeven point to be reached, as well as related timeframe, in their business action plan.


Customer analysis and consumer profile: buyer persona

Before selling a product, the company needs to know the market it wishes to target. As a myriad of consumer types exist, to know which fall within your target range, you need to find out their tastes, their preferences as well as the contrary. This also helps companies decide how to sell their products. French cultural axes need to be taken into account.

Communication using inbound marketing and telemarketing

Media needs to be chosen based on the product and the target. Today, web-based communication proves to be the most beneficial when launching new products on the market. Via Internet, companies can reach customers from all walks of life. Inbound marketing and telemarketing are your best bets. They will ensure you obtain regular, qualitative results, as long as you allocate an annual budget to this.

Inbound Marketing

Distribution channel

Distributors can be seen as links between customers and producers. Distributors can be of valuable assistance to companies – they will be your intermediaries. You need to impact them enough so that they are convinced your product is worth buying. Set up training workshops as well as a tailored and, more importantly, scalable remuneration plan. Don’t forget to apply labour legislation when drawing up your business contracts.

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Packaging, if applicable

Packaging must be attractive as it is the first thing customers see when they set eyes on your product. Work with a French communication agency that knows the culture inside-out.

Continual product quality

This aspect must be taken into account right from market launch. Sellers must make sure that the product always meets buyers’ requirements.

To be sure its products sell, a company needs to ensure quality is always optimal.

Include servicing and aftersales for your products and services. You must support your distribution network conscientiously.

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