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Sell in France





What tools can help promote your development in France?

Your French consultant can make use of a range of drivers. In particular by working with agencies specialized in inbound marketing and telemarketing.

Here is an overview of how these marketing tools actually work


Digital prospecting using Inbound Marketing : key steps of the process !

1/ Define your ideal customer profile
  • What are their objectives? Their difficulties? How do they get information?
  • Why should they use you?… and vice versa!
  • You should end up with no more than 2 or 3 profiles.
2/ Draft your editorial strategy: content for creating customer engagement
  • It goes without saying that content, regardless of its form, is a breeding ground for the best engagement strategies. Just a few figures to demonstrate this:

• 90% of consumers state that brand content is useful, 78% believe that companies that provide content wish to create good relationships with them!

• Photos, graphics and videos are used increasingly and show just how effective and insightful they are!

• A Forester study actually proved that a single image is equal to 1,000 words, whereas a video is equal to 1.8 million!

So, you should think of creating article follow-ups that will provide food for thought for your customers and will help them move forward in their business decision-making cycle. An article should contain at least 500 words. Next, choose the best channels and periods for transmitting your information as strategically as possible

  • In this respect: social media, an asset that should be consolidated

Social media is a key are that should never be left aside. The “State of Social Customer Service Report” reports that 71% of customers who have had good experiences with a brand via social media, which is fast and efficient, are more likely to recommend this brand rather than another… Nonetheless, even today, 19% of them do not receive any reply to calls launched on Facebook and other social media.

3/ Automate digital prospection campaigns
  • This means using media such as blogs, emailing, newsletters and white paper and backing them with business interests – specific tags – as well as sales cycle level. Of course, you will need an automation platform to be able to view visitor tracking for your content. As this is not the easiest thing to do, I would advise you to outsource this. And, by doing so, you can remain focused on the essence of your message, on the strategic aspect.

Telemarketing : key steps of the process

Here are the main steps that will ensure your telemarketing campaign is successful


  • Begin by targeting your prospects precisely; and never say to yourself that everyone is a potential customer. You need to be really astute when doing this and rank your priorities.
  • Then, prepare tailored communication media (2 MB max. – 3 pages max.)

Organize sessions one day per week minimum. If you do less than this, then your relaunch recurrence will not be enough.

Telemarketing figures for information:

  • 100 calls
  • 50% of useful calls
  • 20% of full sales pitch calls
  • Between 3 and 9% appointments made

You have the right to ask yourself the following question: should my sales team members manage telemarketing themselves.

If we take into account sales resources over 4 days per month only, this will cost you €700 minimum already without taking into account technical and managerial resources.

So, it’s up to you to decide if you wish to outsource telemarketing or not.


To conclude, we can clearly see that customers have increased decision-making power and that sales reps. no longer have added value. They no longer control all the information!

Notwithstanding, this is not insurmountable, quite the opposite… it offers us working perspectives that are much more interesting.

Of course, a marketing strategy tailored to these new behavioural styles needs to be implemented so that both your sales team and your customers benefit.

With a little hindsight, we can also see that these inbound marketing and telemarketing prospection methods are time-consuming and in-house resource-consuming.

This is why it is important to decide if it would not be better to outsource these business processes to an inbound marketing specialist.

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